At zakaziko, we work towards one goal: helping you grow your passion with handpicked online courses taught by the best. So, what makes us so special?

We’re passion-oriented

At zakaziko, we understand how frustrating it must be for you to go through your everyday routine and not be able to invest your time and money into what you really love. And in our digital time that allows you to instantly get access and retain information, we thought why not use this technology and bring you one step closer to chasing your dreams by offering you the best online courses from diverse industries.

We know what makes you comfortable

The courses are structured into multiple short videos and organized into clear sections. You can easily and quickly access the category of choice based on the courses you want to enroll in. In addition to that, you can watch the videos at your convenience, anytime, anywhere. Did we mention they’re taught in Lebanese Arabic? How awesome is that?

We pick the best

We communicate directly with our instructors to ensure we’re working together in producing courses that are engaging, easy to understand and follow, professional and accurate, and most importantly fun to watch. We picked your teachers based on their experience, method of communicating information, and passion for what they do, which means they’ll be the best you could ask for.

We are so excited to welcome you on board! Get to know us better and join us on Instagram and Facebook and explore content tailored just for you.