From the moment you first hold a camera, you begin to develop a creative eye that sees things differently around you, not how others see them. Having a personal visual opinion rather than a typical eye is innate, but doesn’t necessarily lack challenges. Dive into this article as we share with you some tips on how you can train your eye to see creatively.

Stay Alert

This comes naturally to everyone who’s passionate about photography. A part of learning to see creatively is to look for a potential photograph in your surroundings. Being able to picture a shot in your head simply by being inspired from the little everyday things will help you capture amazing pictures, ones you don’t have to struggle to take with any type of lens or equipment because it’s fueled with a vision. And since you already retained the fundamentals of photography, you will instinctively take the picture without overthinking about the technical details behind it. Staying alert doesn’t mean staying stressed or on edge of missing out on a shot, but rather keeping an open mind when it comes to taking pictures of things you’re not used to capturing before and noticing certain perspectives that might not seem obvious to others.

Try Multiple Angles

Think of this as an exercise. Sometimes photographers are simply not in an artistic mood, after all, creativity doesn’t necessarily mean they’re constantly imaginative. In fact, a lot of them learn how to be creative, it is possible.

Developing an interest in seeing things in a different way from normal is not always easy, but taking one element and capturing it from unusual and diverse angles can help a lot. Practicing on certain objects, landscapes, and people will add an element of creative photography to any future photo you’ll eventually take.

Start by taking a subject and snapping pictures of it from different angles and with different lenses, you’ll notice that as you go on, you’ll see this subject in a way not normally seen before. The more you do this exercise the more you’ll realize how one element can be portrayed differently and can sometimes become unrecognizable from one perspective to another. Fascinating isn’t it?

Form a Habit

Daring but necessary, trust us on this one. Forming a habit will not only help you control the stress of producing good shots, but it will also help you discover and develop an eye for more creativity. Nothing too complicated, forming a habit can simply be hanging out with creative people. Discovering their style and their ways of seeing things will push you creatively and give you inspiration which will make your process of shooting even more fun and enjoyable.

Another idea would be to step away from your computer. Living in the era of digital photography can sometimes blind photographers from the essence of their work. Feeling the need to compete for audience approval can drain their creativity and it can sometimes last a very long time.

The Internet is a wonderful tool for creatives, but your mind is an better one. Learn to take frequent breaks from scrolling online, even allow yourself to be bored, and you’ll notice that the first place your mind takes you to will be your next inspiration.

There is not perfect moment for creativity, you need to make it happen. So have fun, explore, and don’t stress.

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